Get Girlie in Garland Pose

Mmmmmmm, Garland Pose or in Sanskrit Malasana is one of my go to poses for when I feel like I want to go inside myself and hide a bit. For some reason getting low seems to make me feel lifted, its something I’ve noticed as my practice has deepened over the years. Feel feminine in this groin stretching pose that also takes you to hip heaven.

Chances are your lifestyle has you sitting most of your day. The average person sits between 7 – 13 hours out the day. Physically that ain’t such a good idea because sitting like that creates tightness in the hip flexors, leads to lower back pain, contributes to imbalanced muscles and maybe even differences in leg lengths.

Photo credit: Amber Marie Green Photograpy

A sedentary life definitely has a negative impact on your whole health any additional safe movement is a good thing. But before you drop down like you’re back at homecoming or at your BFF’s wedding reception make sure you are nice and warmed up, there is nothing more painful than moving beyond your bodies natural range of motion and pulling something sideways (not sexy at all! LOL)

The cost of sitting or standing in one position all day is stressful on a woman’s pelvis. The pelvis at times is said to be the “emotional junk drawer” of the body and its also connected to the second chakra which is connected to emotion itself.

As you physically work in your body during a yoga practice you are also working energetically, emotionally and mentally. As your body responds in the practice of unified breath and body movements it isn’t uncommon to feel emotionally lighter or to feel a release of heaviness in your heart. I mean think of the last time you had a really good stretch….you feel open and loose; think about how your attitude felt just as limber.

 The average person sits between 7 – 13 hours out the day.

With all the demands of life there were times I felt too assertive and too aggressive, so when I want to soften up I go to my mat and get low.  While some may prefer goddess pose as their femininity connection quite honestly any pose can give you any feeling. We are all different and each time you practice a pose you are a tiny bit different as well.


Photo credit: Amber Marie Green Photography


How to get into Garland

To get into Garland begin in Tadasana or Mountain Pose let your weight sink deeply and evenly into your mat. Create a strong immoveable foundation and lift through the crown of your head as if it were the peak of a majestic mountain. Keep your chest proud and toes spread wide. Take a wide step, and take a bend in both your knees dropping your backside towards your mat.

Its ok if your toes turn out over time as you gain flexibility and strength your heels will drop and your feet will come to parallel….maybe they will and maybe they won’t don’t be attached to the aesthetic of the pose. You’ll still feel the openings in you groin, inner thighs and hips if you never get there. Bring your hands to heart center and with your core engaged relax your shoulders away from your ears. Stay there for a spell and fall in love with all you are. Go ahead and get girlie….open your hips and open your hearts.


Mila K.



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