All Dreams Don’t Come True

“When you wish upon a star,” says little Jiminy Cricket to Pinocchio “makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you”. What a profound statement to a lying little puppet. As a little girl, I believed that as long as I wished with my whole heart anything I desired was for me.

How many times have we wished, and dreamt and created a list of what our “hearts desired” things we believe were ours to want, things we felt we deserved and things we are even owed. Jiminy even goes to say “no request is too extreme when you wish upon a star as dreamers do.”

So our wanting can be completely unreasonable but yet and still it will be granted if we wish hard enough. If we wish and wait and hold onto our dream it will someday materialize. Often we are so enamored with what we think that dream will look like that we become obsessed with it. There is a huge difference between persistence from the heart and wishes of the ego.

If we all get to receive wishes then that means wishes of conflict. Someone can wish for annihilation of some sorts and another for peace. We hear all the time about never giving up and moving forward your plans and holding onto your dreams no matter what. The Little Engine That Could taught us resilience and he made it, but what if he were carrying something harmful? What if his cargo was meant to cause harm to others?

The idea that all dreams come true keeps us holding onto an alternative reality and in this reality, we are in control, but the wild part is we are already in control of the existing reality in which you created and cultivated the dream.

It is important to follow the dream, the want, the wish back to its seed. All that we desire, or feel that we deserve came from somewhere, something, someone. Our ideas evolved based on what we saw, or didn’t see, what made us feel good and what frightened us. When you follow your dream, wish or want back to its roots you may find that it is entangled with other things.

Why is this important to know? If you’ve spent your adult life pursuing a dream of success out of fear of failure, or if you’ve spent your time dreaming of a large house because you had to share a room and you were always impressed with the homes of others and that your inner vow was to work until you got what it is you felt you deserved; these knowings help put your wishes and wants into context.

We are often willing to suffer while watering these seeds of wants and wishes. We wait to harvest in hopefulness that our dreams will flower, blossom and bloom into a sweet existence. We feel the bigness of our future homes and close our eyes and create future memories, and we open our eyes to a rejection of complacency. We open our eyes to feelings of incompleteness or commitment to putting our little energy into making that dream a reality.

I invite you to understand why you wish and dream for what you do. Has your ego hijacked your life and are you listening to your heart? You can have these dreams based on these inner vows, spend your waking hours making it happen and indeed it materializes but you….you recede. Your spirit is small, your own self is shrunken and you are now dreaming of what life could be like if you could just feel whole.

So no…all dreams do not come true as we have imagined them. Honestly, I’m so happy I’ve woken up from my nightmare of dreams of what I deserve. I now dream sweetly of following the one true light of intuition. I’m willing to rip up any want that is rooted in jealousy, arrogance, and anything that is about showing off. I’m also willing to allow my heart to teach me when my dreams are in the right direction but they come true in other ways.


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