Yoga Instructors 101: August

It was our first time together in the space this month and it was magical. I didn’t know how it was going to turn out but I’m so appreciative of the love and support from the instructors that attended. I thought about how wicked it is that there are really good instructors disconnected from their own practice because of their lives as instructors.

It can be hard to stay on your own mat when your heart is calling you to teach. But our students deserve a balanced instructor. We also can not teach what we do not practice. For the month of August, we focused on conflicts and contradictions to Downward Facing Dog pose.

Using props wasn’t favored by all for the modifications but what was happily accepted was the partner versions of the pose. It was so special with the instructor commented he doesn’t use props, but really his first prop is his voice. We shared our strategies of cueing and exchanged vocabulary. We also chatted a bit about using the Sanskrit words for asanas as depending on the lineage the shape made with the English word may be different than the shape made if the Sanskrit would be used.

Shakti Rivers said this past summer “you’re not teaching gym yoga, so why do you sound like you do”?

I have held myself accountable for understanding what it is that I am doing and why and for who. Being intentional in our offerings is a part of our own practice of ethical living as yogis and it feels good to have a space to do that.


Mila K.

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