Beating the Blues of Blackness, of Black Queerness of Simple “Human”ness

Life in a Black body can feel like a curse. I promise you, however, I have a renewed understanding of what my grandmother use to say which was “peace be still”. I realize that there is a reality for our bodies that is completely unfair. I realize that our very existence is contextualized as something negative, something harmful, something egregious and unwanted. But if we are honest no matter what our identity is someone hates us for it.

I’ve struggled with allowing myself to love those that hate me. Sometimes it’s strangers that hate us…other times it is our family members….mom, dad our favorite cousin. This hate permeates through our society, our personal lives, our professional lives, and business dealings. This hate influences where we live, work and play; as well as dictates who shares with us, defends us, protects us and supports our well being.

If you are feeling as if you are in pieces and your life is dictated only by a piece of you like your color, your country of origin or your sexuality welcome to your tribulations tribe. There isn’t a human on the face of the earth that isn’t hated, and we know intolerance and hate are the seeds of the plants of persecution.

But this hate doesn’t have to consume us and it doesn’t have to be our identities. Check out some of the classes and organizations below. “Free your mind and the rest will follow” – En Vogue

Queer and Trans Yoga at Chi-Town Shakti

Sista Afya Black Women’s Mental Wellness

Stillness Meditation Ritual for Femmes of Color

Haji Healing Salon


Mila K.


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