Sit down…​be humble? But that sh*t hard!

My grandmother used to yell from around every corner….”sat down some damn where!”

As a shorty, I was all over the place and my life was being busy. My mouth was busy, my mind was busy I was just a busy body. It was hard as hell to have a seat then, one would think 38 years of being busy I would also be tired AF of being busy. But guess what? I’m not!

Believe it or not I’ve become the quintessential Queen B! I busy myself with being dope these days. I’m working on a Phd in Ecology, raising three kids solo dolo, working in a fulfilling career, following my dreams and all while trying to be as cuffable as possible.

But my spiritual practice has even become apart of my ego stroking. I find myself sitting to be better at being busy instead of just being better at being my true self.

So what is a “sit”? When I say sit I mean a stillness practice. For some that means mindfulness, others it means breathing and then there is meditation.

A practice of pausing is on purpose.

Before you jap out….I’m not saying don’t jap out….but pause.

We have our fight, flight or freeze response which as a marriage of our physical body and emotions triggered by our senses and perceptions. Sometimes our response is warranted and we are spot on other times our responses are over the top or underwhelming leaving a trail of tears or fears.

Curating a lifestyle that brings a sit to centerstage can help tune your sensibilities and clear your fight, flight or freeze filter. With clarity, you can be more confident that how you move through the world, what you say during tense situations, how you respond to unwanted change, how you react to outside stressors becomes hurts you and others less and less.

Sitting doesn’t have to be some big event. You don’t need a special cushion or space. You don’t have to have a meditation room. You don’t need to buy any special clothes, play any special music or even say any Sanskrit words. You don’t have to do anything but be still.

Have a seat. Feel your feet beneath you. Feel the frame of your bones inside of you. Feel your heart beating. Go inside yourself. Feel the body move because of the breath. Watch the rise and fall of your chest with your inhales and exhales. Now notice how you are aware and tuned into yourself and how all other things fade to black. No worries….they are still there they…but you have chosen to direct your attention. With eyes closed see continue to sit, continue to focus your attention on your breath.

There is no need to force yourself to sit in this way. Invite a 60-second sit into your weekends. Set alerts on your phone for times of the day you will pause on purpose. If sitting is uncomfortable lay down or take 60 seconds to walk and breathe mindfully.

Enjoy finding moments where you reclaim your time and find your way to a humble heart.



Mila K.

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