A Parents Guide to Black Divinity Meditation Day

Single mom of three here and this ain’t easy. Honestly, I have no clue where I would be without a meditation practice. Being a mindful mom is not the easiest thing in the world. If you follow me on social media sometimes I will share a bit about the funny stuff, the annoying stuff or moments of deep reflection about my parenting.

So in honor of BDMD I decided to share a bit about my own relationship with meditation and the many aspects of my life the practice influences. What stops most parents from doing anything is TIME… It seems like we can’t get a moment to ourselves or we are always working to provide for the family.

Indeed we have to care for the home and pay the bills and do the things to give them a good life but our constant going and constant providing for others can leave us running on empty and having little to truly give that is nourishing. Resentment builds as we battle with our overwhelming agendas and competing priorities. Our minds can become distracted and our parenting simply be a to-do list but with no togetherness and more importantly no stillness.

Curating a practice as a parent can help ease parenting tensions and when we do this as a priority it can become a family practice that benefits the entire house and beyond. We ask our kids to have emotional and mental habits that aren’t easy for us as adults. Many of us were raised in the “do as I say not as I do” era….and that didn’t work LOL.

How can we raise kids to value the practice of a calm mind? Well…teach them what you practice. This Saturday look for an experience that is an all ages experience. Meditation in a quiet space is so easy. But that isn’t real life. Real life is messy and it is loud. Real life is constant movement and invitations to be distracted that is where your meditation muscle comes in. As parents, we know all too well how a tantrum or an eye roll can send us off the edge and we can go from zero to one hundred on a kid real quick.

So here are some tips for practicing Saturday with your family

  1. Kids attention spans are short, asking them to sit still for 20 minutes is a lot. Look for a meditation practice that accommodates families and is filled with activities that you can take home and put into action
  2. It is ok if they don’t sit still. The goal isn’t to force them to be still but to be with them during your practice of stillness with love, compassion, and acceptance. Their enlightenment is a journey.
  3. Consider mindful walks and going outside together to connect with nature. Looking and touching living things together can bring families closer than ever.
  4. Have no expectations but be open to experiences. Our parenting journey places us as leaders. Being aware of the energy we are putting out is important. We may also struggle with feel-good feelings in our meditation especially if kids were testing our nerves before a practice. Take a breath because what happened is not your current moment and give yourself permission to let the previous moments go.
  5. Tell yourself thank you….A LOT! give yourself gratitude for being curious and brave to practice with your family and community. Talk to your kids about their experience and check in through the day with them with lots of love.


Interested in soundscaping your Saturday? I have a few fun playlists I use for meditation classes and yoga classes to set the mood a bit. Find me on ITunes Mila “Kels the Yogi” Marshall. Check out Breathe Easy Brown Girl Mix, Cool Brother Beats, A Love Supreme and Reflections Eternal.



Mila K.

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