Rest in Restorative Yoga

Props, props and more props! I love supporting my practice but not every yogi has the feels for bolsters, blocks and blankets. A restorative practice allows for yogis to glide deeper into their poses. I’d like to think of restorative as a way to begin practicing meditation simply because of the length of stillness.

I get so many people saying how they can’t meditate. I also get a lot of people that want to use the practice of yoga as a way to sustain their unsustainable lifestyles. I was the same way. Lots of poses for the purposes of the pose and maybe I got something out of it, most times it was a reach until I rested in restorative.

The practice is vinyasa like, everything is placed on purpose, I consider it very similar to life How people are exactly where they are supposed to be, behaving as they should, not saying what they are supposed to not say. They are all perfectly placed props that make moments restful, relaxing or ridiculously challenging.

The softness of the foundation, the smaller class size and the invitation of restorative instructors makes this practice a grounding one. If you were a tea bag, restorative poses would be the mug and the props would be the hot water for you to steep.

Where do you go when you’re not in your head trying to figure out poses? Well, that is on you? Your instructor will cue you to turn your attention in one of many directions. They may ask you to focus on feeling the moments you relax, or possibly the cadence of your breath.

There are many ways to weasel out of the work of awareness and the balance between effort and ease of your practice. While restorative is physically restful, the practice is work on a different level.

All my love,



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