Svadhyaya “Self-Study”

May 2017

We rushed through traffic to get to this book signing and  wouldn’t you know it we were at the wrong friggn book store. But when we got to Jessamyn it was worth the drive. I was able to meet her and share a little bit about my yoga classes and such. Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.11.19 PMShe was a delight and super fly might I add! I finished her book: “Yoga for Everybody” the other day and I really enjoyed it. If you are new to the practice and happen to be a curvier woman this read is for you. I welcomed the reflections on my own yoga experiences in the studio watching my little chub flub in the Bikram studio. I constantly obsessed over my pudge not being visible and worried about what I thought would be unwanting eyes. But I was blessed to be in a place where everyones issues were not their identities and thats what this book does for you. It helps assuage the guilt of being a human in a human body and lifts you up to just living in a way that honors your bodies needs. It shares with you bits and pieces of her personal story interwoven with introductions to yogic philosophy. All of it is written from a place of genuine thought it feels. It is a book that teaches you some basic poses, offers modifications and incorporating props, its a wonderful resource for newbies.

April 2017 

I came across this book and immediately just began to connect withScreen Shot 2017-04-13 at 10.05.26 PM.png it. I often am very indecisive about what to read, so I was very pleased when I didn’t have second thoughts about this book. If you are new to yoga it may be a bit of a mysterious read only because of your newness to yogic philosophy but if you are an instructor or someone who is familiar with the yoga sutras in your own practice you will find many moments of deep reflection and inspiration.

December 2016

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 10.53.10 AM.pngI have been obsessed with learning how to be a bigger version of myself. As a yogi I spend lots of time reflecting on myself more than others. Maybe obsessed sees like a very dramatic word more like focused I guess. Often we have these ways of communicating with ourselves that limit our abilities to be our fullest most authentic self. I came to this conclusion from my meditation practice. I have been dealing with addressing my own insecurities about the life I deserve and the person I believe I am. The strategies in this book are helping me work through how I see myself and where the root of it comes from. I use my meditation practice to dig deeply and find the spaces where I am afraid and breathe some love into them. I want to be all of who I am, ending my own self sabotage is on my to do list and the lessons from this book are becoming infused into my classes. It is a great read and you’ll find some hard truths about yourself but will be supported by the practices within the pages.